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Solid facts of TRUTH! Please don’t be blind and don’t be ignorant, the world we live in is a “Ticking BOMB”!!! PLEASE spread the world, and DO SOMETHING to save the mother nature! The world that we used to know is completely up side down people! We have an unlimited source/information, and WHY CAN’T WE USE THEM to spread the world.


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My dear brothers and sisters, please take a long hard look at the radiation levels of the west coast and the amount of radioactive materials in your sushi. Since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and almost complete destruction of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima Daiichi in 2011, the plant has been spewing radioactive water waste into the ocean. For the past 3 years millions of gallons of highly radioactive water pour into the ocean every day. This is destroying the Pacific Ocean’s ecosystem and eventually this tainted water will cycle and destroy all the ocean’s ecosystems. Death of oceans = Death of all life on earth including You and Me. The Japanese Government has made reporting anything on Fukushima very difficult and our American Government has made no attempts to monitor the radiation levels of our water or wildlife because of “Budget cuts”. The radiation levels have raised infant mortality rates and adult cancer rates all along the west coast, while the government says there is nothing to worry about. Our fish have been poisoned, our coastal water is toxic. This must stop now! If this doesn’t make you angry and eager to speak out to your government, then I don’t know what will. Look it up on Vice News, on Aljezra News, on any non-mainstream news, on Youtube. If we all unite, this problem can be solved. Say NO to war! We must focus on keeping mother earth alive!

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Mommy, I’m sorry if my first letter made you cry
To be honest with you, I don’t think that I want to die
Sometimes I feel like that I’m cancerous in other’s lives
That’s probably why I drink at night and sleep ‘til four or five
It’s kind of hard walkin’ through life with my distorted eyes
When I was younger, I was stupid and I thought I’d thrive
I thought a lot about everything I said in the letter
And questioned whether or not if I was dead, you’d be better
You think my shorty would be happy if I never met her?
It’s too late now, mommy, I could never forget her
Could never forget how she taught me to love
‘Cause my father and my grandmother is always above
It’s glory above, you know that daddy taught me to thug
And every time we was with nanny she’d bombard me with hugs
Damn, I miss her, mommy, and it’s hard to believe
That I’m grown and I don’t understand it, why did they leave?

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ART: Hyper Realistic Paintings by Linnea Strid

A Swedish artist Linnea Strid paints unbelievably realistic oil paintings. She is strongly inspired by human emotions and the tedious details in everyday routine. Most of her pieces are like snap shots of her or someone else’s ordinary life.

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